Sail Shades

Posted On: Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2019

Sail Shades

Coming August of 2019 

Maybe some of you have noticed the large black poles that now adorn our patio. Coming soon we will be installing a Larger Artistic structure with Colorful Sails for shade. Based off a concept that first began in Florida, Harpoon Eddie's is now replacing the bulky and dangerous umbrellas that have obstructed our views for years with a different type of shade.

This structure will now include a large portion of the patio and dancing area as well as a moveable shade next to the cabana bar. We all know how hot and muggy upstate NY can be, the sails will provide an ample amount of shade from the sun as well as rain and can lightly move with the constant wind in Sylvan Beach. This structure will be the first of its kind in the area not only will it serve a great purpose, but it will also be visually appealing and artistic in nature.

At Harpoon Eddie's our goal is to always be improving our restaurant so that our customers enjoy their experience every time they walk through our doors!